Back to Basics

May 2017

I had this vision several weeks ago and while parts of it involve my personal walk I feel led to share a portion of it that might benefit others.

This vision began with Jesus leading me through a grassy plain. After awhile we came upon a series of large, malformed hilltops. Jesus led me to the base of one of these hills and began to climb toward the top. It was far steeper than it had appeared to be from a distance.

I did my best to keep up with him as I found myself distracted by the surface of the hill. There was a microwave on it and I paused for a moment to wonder why there was a microwave in this vision. “Come on, keep moving, Michael,” Jesus called down to me. I snapped out of my wandering thoughts and followed Jesus until we reached the top.

Jesus pointed to the horizon and in the distance, I could see a city that was engulfed in complete darkness. There was no light at all. “Look around.” He told me. I did as He instructed and took a closer look at the hills surrounding us. I suddenly understood why they were so malformed. They weren’t really hills at all. It was a dump.

The first thing I noticed is that there wasn’t any garbage. All I could see were electronics of various kinds. TVs, Computers, Phones, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Modern Cars, Gaming consoles, etc. That was strange enough, but, it seemed like none of them appeared to be smashed or broken.

“All of these devices will no longer function. They will be of no use to anyone.” Jesus told me. I was going to ask Him if there was going to be an EMP strike or something as there have been concerns circulating about such an attack for some time. But, before I could ask, He said, “Come. I have more to show you.”

We made our way down the other side of the hill and wandered out past the outskirts of the dark city. He led me into the wilderness and through a dense patch of woods. We came upon a clearing that held what appeared to be a small community. There was a large building in the center with a lot of people coming and going from within it. There were also some houses spread about in all directions with people dotting the streets.

“Go inside,” Jesus told me, gesturing to the large building at the center. I walked into the building and from that point on the vision became an out of body experience. I was no longer in control of my body and instead was watching scenes unfold.

The building was some sort of community center. I entered a long hallway with plain, white walls and wooden floors. There were people entering and exiting several doorways along it. It was very warm as there didn’t appear to be any electricity. No lights were on. No electronic devices to be seen at all

The first room, on my left, had been converted into a makeshift hospital. There were beds lined up in rows along the walls with iv bag stands and medical equipment on tray tables. There were a lot of people being treated. I peeked my head in and asked one of the medical staff, “Anyone new?” She shook her head. I left that room and entered another large room on the opposite side.

This room was filled with supplies. There were large tables pushed together into long rows. I saw food, water, medical supplies, Bibles, books, and a lot more being sorted into boxes by many people. Others would then take the boxes and leave the building to deliver them. It was a very busy room. I moved about the room, making small talk with people. Everyone seemed to know me and each other. It felt more like a large family than a community. The atmosphere was very joyful, purposeful, and alive.

I was told that I was needed upstairs. I exited the room through a different door, back into the entrance hall further down toward the back of the building. There, I found a wooden staircase. I climbed up the stairs and entered what appeared to be an office. It also seemed to be functioning as a war room. There was a large desk in the center with all sorts of maps and documents upon it. There was one map in particular that appeared to be local and had marks on it in various places.

One of the men in the room approached me, “We found another FEMA camp.” He told me. I grimaced, “How many?” “We counted eighty-one working in the fields. There were most likely more inside. We couldn’t risk speaking to any of them in the daylight. It’s one of the Wal-mart locations.” He said curtly. I groaned, “Of course.”

Then he showed me the location on the local map. “That isn’t far. Get a party together. We’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning before dawn. The longer we wait the more of them will be executed.” I told him. “We?” He asked. I nodded, “I’m coming with you.” I said plainly. “You shouldn’t risk your life, sir.” He told me. “We risk our lives every day. Have faith, brother. God is with us.” I said, clapping him on the shoulder. Then I retreated downstairs.

There was more to the vision, however, it only relates to my personal life so we’ll end it here.

The beginning of the vision was further confirmation of words I’ve received from the Lord about the power grid being taken down. The community was wonderful. I can’t describe the feeling of fellowship in that place. It was the Church as the Lord intended. Everyone shared freely with each other. Everyone was connected face to face. No one was lost in their computer, television, and phone screens. It really felt like a family.

All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had. – Acts 4:32

I believe that the Lord is preparing a place for His remnant and that what He has for us may lack many worldly comforts, but, it will be Spirit-filled and alive. The times were difficult and dark, but, this community shined and was working to spread the love of Jesus Christ within it and beyond.

As the times continue to grow darker and propel us into a time of war and calamity, keep your eyes upon Jesus Christ. Dwell in the secret place with our Father. He is preparing a place for us to find true fellowship with each other again. A place to feed, clothe, and shelter the lost and the broken. To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a nation that will desperately need Him. Hallelujah!

5 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Michael,
    The Lord has told me the same thing about electricity going away. He has also told me close to 100 times over the last few months, “I am preparing a place for you.”. It is amazing to hear confirmation through your vision! Blessings, brother.

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    1. I’ve also heard, “I am preparing a place for you.” for the past few months. He returned me to the same place in a vision several times when He told me about it. Thank you for the confirmation as well, sister! It’s a great encouragement.


  2. My son was sleeping on the couch and he heard a voice say i am coming sooner than you think he also heard matthew 24 scripture related to the end times i believe this current age is coming to a end in our lifetime lord jesus please give us strenghth to endure to the end

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