My name is Michael Brennan and I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for eleven years. Six years ago, I sought a deeper intimacy with my Father in heaven and He began to speak to me through that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, and I recorded all of these words in a journal. Recently, He has moved me to write on a public forum and cry out to the slumbering people of America, “WAKE UP! LATE IS THE HOUR!”.

First, let me explain the name of this site.

Cascade” is defined as a noun as follows: A process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.

“The greater the number of people who are well briefed, the wider the cascade effect.”

Also, it is defined as a verb in regards to water: (Of water) pour downward rapidly and in large quantities.

“Water was cascading down the stairs.”

Jesus said, “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” – John 7:38

It is my hope that this site will be a cascade of living water. I want to share with you whisperings of the Holy Spirit I have seen/heard as well as cries from my own heart in the form of poetry, prophetic words, dreams/visions, and musings in the hope that you will see the glory of Jesus Christ.

The Lord has also put it on my heart to alert you to the deceptions of the enemy that permeate nearly every aspect of our society. This includes both the physical and the spiritual realm. Jesus told us that is important to know the signs of the times. The hour is late my friends. Repent and keep your focus on Jesus. Put on the whole armor of God. I will be providing both practical advice to avoid the snares of the enemy and protect your family as well as advice on spiritual warfare through the scriptures.

For those that know Jesus, I hope that you will be encouraged, comforted, and challenged by what you read here. For those that do not know Jesus Christ, I hope that you will get to know him through these writings and find yourself unable to resist him.

Some of these writings may ruffle some feathers as I do not believe in “feel-good” Christianity, I believe in telling the whole truth, and sometimes our Father rebukes, disciplines, and warns us. But, even in those messages, you will find hope. He does these things out of love, mercy, grace, and a lot of patience. And if you feel I am in the wrong in something I post feel free to contact me and if I am found in error I will remove it. I encourage you not to take any of my writings at face value, especially prophetic ones. Test it with scripture. Pray. Seek confirmation from the Holy Spirit.

I’m very excited to share this journey with you. Let’s go into the deep together.